Final consultations: NCEU and the Minister of Finance on the topic Presenting of the Economic Reform Programme 2018-2020.

23 January 2018, Comments Comments Off on Final consultations: NCEU and the Minister of Finance on the topic Presenting of the Economic Reform Programme 2018-2020.



The preparation of the Economic Reform Programme 2018-2020 started with the introductory meeting on September 12, 2017. On the same day, the Platform for monitoring of implementation of the Economic Reform Programme 2018-2020 (ERP) and the Employment and Social Reform Programme (ESRP) in the European integration process was signed. Platform signatories were Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs and four organizations of the National Convention on the European Union (NCEU): European Policy Centre, National Alliance for Local Economic Development, Foundation Center for Democracy and European Movement in Serbia.

Miniser of Finance, Dušan Vujović, said that the ERP format for Serbia is different from the EU Member States, but that the task is the same. The ERP consists of macroeconomic part and priority structural reforms, which are organized in nine areas. “The drafting of this document is a limited-scope exercise, which should show us both the Ministry and the public the progress that Serbia has made in European integration process” the minister explained. He also emphasized that the ERP is a good opportunity to prioritize, but does not mean that the Ministry of Finance will not deal with all other topics.

Nataša Dragojlović, NCEU Coordinator, thanked for a transparent and inclusive approach, which marked the cooperation of the NCEU and the Ministry in the past period. She stressed the importance of the Platform to monitor the implementation of the ERP and the ESRP and underlined the most important outcome: “We have succeeded to add two priority structural reforms.” Coordinator of the NCEU announced the monitoring of the effects of measures from the ERP on the citizens’ lives by a lot of civil society organizations that were gathered in the Convention.

The NCEU coordinators presented the results of the work on monitoring the Economic Reform Programme, each from the domain of its Working group (economic policy, education, environment, social policy etc.) The coordinators’ speeches were followed by the discussion between the Minister and the NCEU members.

The final consultations “Presentation of the Economic Reform Programme 2018-2020″ were held today at the Parliamentary Club. In addition to the Minister of Finance and the representatives of the Ministry, numerous members of the National Convention were also present.

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