“Friends of Serbia” visited NCEU

8 July 2016, Comments Comments Off on “Friends of Serbia” visited NCEU

July 8, 2016.

National Convention on the European Union’s (NCEU) performance was rated very positively on today’s meeting between representatives of the NCEU and informal group “Friends of Serbia”, consisting of Members of the European Parliament.

IMG_0033Both sides expressed satisfaction about the forthcoming opening of Chapters 23 and 24, which are crucial for the rule of law in Serbia. It was also confirmed that the effects of the meeting in Brussels, where representatives of the NCEU actively advocated for the opening of Chapters 23 and 24, were positive.

European Parliamentarians were introduce with the structure of the NCEU, it’s results and achievements as well as official procedures which formally recognize the NCEU as an important actor in the negotiation process.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the media and media freedom in Serbia. Members of the Inter-sectoral group for freedom of expression and media of the NCEU, led by Civic Initiatives and representatives of the media and media organizations, discussed these issues with representatives of the European Parliament.

It was noted that the media situation in Serbia is characterized by questionable quality of media laws, expansion  of vulgar, tabloid media and that the media are prone to self-censorship while journalists are at risk. It is proposed that these issues are treated specifically in the annual Progress Report of the European Commission. The creation of a new media strategy was also mentioned as an issue of special interest for this Inter-sectoral group of the NCEU.

Representatives of the European Parliament expressed their concern regarding this media situation in Serbia.

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