National Alliance for Local Economic Development-NALED

NALED is the only business association bringing together representatives of all three sectors of the society – companies, municipalities and NGOs, who work together on improving the conditions for LED and doing business in Serbia. NALED’s uniqueness is reflected not only in the diversified structure of its members, but also in the fact that in addition to being a membership association, NALED is simultaneously a civil society organization (NGO).

NALED implements various projects and thus provides valued added services to its members by covering each dollar from membership fees with a dollar earned from the sale of services and implementation of donor-funded projects. Since it was established (2006), NALED has brought together more than 160 members, including the most successful companies, local governments and NGOs in Serbia. The institutions of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and international organizations form a group of more than 30 institutional partners supporting NALED activities.

Mission & goals

The mission of NALED is to improve the business environment in Serbia through institutional reforms with active participation and cooperation of businesses, municipalities and citizens.

All NALED activities are focused on realizing actual goals deriving from the mission:
1.    Investment promotion and business support
2.    Business guided policy reforms
3.    Municipal capacity building

By organizing a large number of events and business meetings, NALED has become a leader in promoting dialogue between the public, private and civil sector and positioned itself as the leading authority in the field of monitoring the legislative activity and measuring the public administration performance.

Jelena Bojović- Policy Director 
Ms. Bojovic is a specialist in the structure and performance of local governments as they relate to economic growth. For more than eleven years she worked on investment attraction, business retention and expansion programs and public-private partnerships. In 2000 she joined International Republican Institute (IRI) and worked on political party development, sustainable growth of civic organizations and local government capacity building. For the past five years she served as the Team Leader of the Local Economic Development component of the USAID-funded Municipal Economic Growth Activity program. Ms Bojovic was engaged in the development of 50 local economic development strategies and worked on institutional capacity building in more than 30 local governments in Serbia. She participated on similar development projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Slovakia, Jordan and Kyrgyzstan.