Program council plays a major role in providing program guidelines for continuous work of the NCEU. It provides recommendations and guidelines on how to improve the work of the NCEU and particularly its working groups. Program council plays a important role in directing the informing process, using the two-way logic, both towards the national government institutions, and towards the media and people.

Members of the Program council are representatives of the organizations and coalitions that accepted to coordinate activities of the working groups. The chairman will be elected among the members every six months. resides over monthly meetings of the Program council. The program council adopts working groups meeting schedules, and adopts the communication strategy of the National convention.

Working groups thematically follow the structure of the EU negotiating team working groups. Civil society groups and coalitions lead and coordinate the work of special working groups in accordance with their expertise, capacities, existing references, and already formed networks. Each civil society organization or coalition provides conditions for members’ participation through independent and common projects.

Working groups define topics for each session, propose experts, guest speakers in cooperation with the members, and appropriate working group of the negotiating team, Serbian European integration office, the negotiating team, and other institutions along with their active participation.

Working groups are consisted from 25-30 experts, civil society representatives, economy and syndicate representatives, institutes, professional organizations, local community, media, and other groups, relevant and interested in certain topics.

Shortlist professional team (SPT) monitors issues of importance to all negotiating chapters, providing analytical inputs to the work of Working Groups NCEU and allows horizontal thematic linking of various working groups/chapters.

The areas covered by the SPT are: constitutional issues, property rights, poverty with a special focus on energy poverty, spatial and urban planning, economic and regional development, the common market and the foreign policy of the EU.

Secretariat of the National Convention on the EU is the European Movement in Serbia