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Program of Economic Reforms for the Period 2023-2025 Completed

Source: Ministry of Finance

The Economic Reform Program – ERP for the period 2023-2025 was submitted to the European Commission on January 31, 2023. ERP was prepared within the approved timeframe and adopted at the session of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The document provides an overview of macroeconomic, fiscal, and monetary policy. In addition, the ERP provides an overview of the main structural challenges for competitiveness, as well as sustainable and inclusive growth at the central level, and structural reform measures in line with the guidelines of the European Commission. Structural reforms cover thirteen areas: public finance management, green transition, digital transformation, business environment and reduction of gray economy, research, development and innovation, economic integration reforms, energy market reforms, transport market reforms, agriculture, industry and services, education and skills, employment and labor market, social protection and inclusion and system health care.

The document identifies three critical challenges for competitiveness, economic growth, and employment. Those challenges call for a clear commitment to solving them in the next three-year period, namely:

      • Increasing employment, especially among young people, women, and vulnerable groups, and social protection against poverty;
      • Creating a business environment more favorable for investments
      • Making the energy sector ‘greener’ and fully opening the energy market

The comments of the Multisectoral WG for ERP are also a part of final text of the Economic Reform Program

You can find the full text of the Program of Economic Reforms here.